Teenage boys: birthday card ideas

Updated March 29, 2017

Traditional greeting cards can seem uninspiring, especially for teenagers who can be difficult to please. However, if you use a little imagination it's possible to give a teenage boy a birthday card that is memorable for all the right reasons. Your card should reflect the boy's personality. From a fun homemade card to a birthday greeting he can view on his laptop, there are lots of ways to honour the birthday of a teenage boy in a way that he will appreciate.

Magazine Card

Use a piece of construction paper to create a magazine card. Put together images from magazines and type up a special birthday headline using your word processor. Create a happy birthday headline and include smaller stories that hint of gifts or a party that may be in his future. Include jokes or quotes to make a truly personal and unique card.


Teenage boys spend a great deal of time communicating via their cell phones and laptops. Send an e-card, which is a virtual birthday card, direct to his e-mail inbox. There are a large number of online companies that will allow you to send free birthday e-cards. Simply choose a design you like, construct a birthday message and send it to his e-mail address. If you do not use technology often to communicate with him, it will be a pleasant surprise when he receives it.

Baby Photo Card

Create a homemade birthday card for a teenage boy using his baby and childhood photographs. A birthday is a good opportunity to reminisce and remind him he is still the baby he once was in your eyes. Stick a baby photograph on the front of the card and write, "Look who's all grown up" above the image. It is your opportunity to embarrass him a little although he should see the humorous side.

Video Greetings Card

Instead of sending a traditional greeting card that can be bought in a store, film your greeting instead. Set your video camera up and record yourself saying what you would ordinarily write in your greeting card. Burn your footage onto a DVD and put it in an envelope with his name on it. This is particularly good for teenage boys who have left home for college; seeing and hearing you will make it extra-special.

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