Problems with an Audi Window

Updated March 23, 2017

Audi, a German brand of vehicles, manufactures a broad range of automobiles from sedans to sports utility vehicles. Audi vehicles have experienced a rash of problems with their windows leading to the frustration of their owners. Knowing what problems to watch for in advance can lead to faster repairs and fewer headaches down the road.

Window Won't Lower

A problem that many Audi owners experience is windows that won't lower when you push on the window switch. A common cause for this problem is oftentimes a faulty switch motor. The window motor is the unit responsible for allowing the window to go up and down on demand. When the motor becomes jammed or stops working, the power that is normally sent to the window from the motor is cut off, preventing it from accessing the power it needs to operate. This is remedied by the installation of a replacement window motor, which is typically done by a trained Audi mechanic.

Condensation or Frost

Another window issue that is experienced by Audi owners is frost or condensation that appears on the inside of the window caused by deteriorated rubber along the seal. Rubber window stripping is designed to prevent cold and moisture from entering through the windows while closed. When this rubber begins to deteriorate as a result of age or it becomes damaged somehow, air and moisture become trapped inside the vehicle when the windows or doors are opened leading to condensation around the window. Repairing this requires the installation of new weather stripping around the window.

Leaky Windows

Some Audi owners have reported windows that leak or let in an unusual amount of air. This too can be caused by insufficient rubber weather stripping around the edge of the Audi's windows, leading to a gap in between the window and the door which allows cold air, wind and rain to enter. Another cause for leaky windows could be that the windows are not engaging all the way when the windows are rolled up. A gap between where the window meets the top of the frame can allow cold air and rain to enter. If you have inspected the weather stripping around the top of the window, you may need to have a mechanic inspect the window motor to ensure that the motor is providing enough power for the windows to close properly.

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