Plants That Grow in Acidic Soil & Shade

Updated February 21, 2017

Not every plant requires full sunlight for growth. Some plants, such as torch azaleas and Japanese pieris, need cooler temperatures for cultivation; thus, they prefer areas with partial shade. Many of these shade plants also prefer well-drained, acidic soils. Acidic soils are formed under wet conditions. Natural acidic soils include marshes and riverbeds.

Canby Pachistima

This flowering plant resembles a shrub and grows either in shady or full-sun areas. According to the University of West Virginia, horticulturists use Canby pachistima as a ground cover plant. Ground cover plants grow in areas that are unable to sustain grass. Canby pachistima reaches heights of 1 to 2 feet when they fully mature. The natural habitat for these plants is the eastern United States. During the winter, Canby pachistima's leaves change colour, from green to bronze.

Torch Azaleas

Torch azaleas, also referred to as kaempferi azaleas, are shrub plants that require partially shaded areas in order to grow. This plant is semi-evergreen, which means they are evergreen in mild climates, but their leaves fall in harsher environments. When they full mature, torch azaleas grow 10 feet in height and 6 feet in width. Torch azaleas produce flowers with pinkish or orange petals in the spring. These plants need well-drained, acidic soil for growth. Torch azaleas grow in the eastern United States.

Japanese Pieris

The Japanese pieris is a shrublike plant that requires partial of full shade for growth. Native to Japan, this plant grows 9 to 12 feet in height when it fully matures. The plant's average width is 8 feet. Japanese pieris are evergreen plants and among the first evergreens to flower, with flowers that blossom in late winter and feature white-coloured petals. The plant prefers moist and acidic soils. Although it is evergreen, the leaves on Japanese pieris change from green to bronze during the fall and winter.

Mountain Laurel

Found in the eastern United States, the mountain laurel is an evergreen shrub and grows up to 14 feet when fully mature. This plant grows in the eastern United States and features bowl-shaped flowers that blossom in the spring. The flowers are whit, have red markings and grow in clusters. Mountain laurels prefer acidic soil and cool, shaded areas for growth. Mountain laurel's branches form a gnarled shape as it grows older.

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