The Best Ways to Seat Beads on Motorcycle Tires

Updated February 21, 2017

There is nothing like the freedom one feels while riding a motorcycle on the open road. There is also nothing that can ruin a good ride more than a flat tire. It is always good to make sure motorcycle tires are in good shape. If the tires are in need of replacement and you decide to change them yourself at home, you might find it difficult to seat the beads. Seating the bead of a tire means that the tire pops into place on the rim. If the beads do not seat correctly, your bike will wobble down the road. Here are some techniques to help you seat the beads on motorcycle tires when you change them.


Lubrication is number one when trying to seat beads. There are many types of lubrication you can use. Very soapy water is used frequently, but you can also use lard or shortening. Use a basting brush to brush the lard, shortening or soap onto each bead of the tire and inflate the tire until you hear the beads pop.

Air Pressure Adjustments

Another common way to seat the beads on your motorcycle tire is to inflate and deflate the tire several times until the beads pop up. This can take some time to accomplish. Make sure that you do not overinflate the tire to pop the beads. It can be very dangerous if a tire explodes from too much air pressure. You can try to bounce the tire on the pavement when you have the maximum amount of air pressure in the tire. This will sometimes be enough to get the tire to seat.

Cheetah Air Blaster

It may be necessary to use a Cheetah Air Blaster if everything else fails. Add 40 psi of air to the Cheetah tank. Place the Cheetah blaster end on the bead area and turn the valve to blast air pressure into the tire. Make sure that you have an air filler connection attached to the valve stem so you can start to fill the tire once the beads are set.

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