Golf Grip Solvent Substitutes

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A good grip is needed in order to have a good golf swing. Golfers who play regularly should change their grips at least yearly. Golf club grips are held in place with grip tape. Golf grip solvent is used to temporarily make the tape slippery enough so that you can slide the new grip over the tape and onto the club. If you do not wish to use golf grip solvent, there are alternative products that will enable you to re-grip your clubs.

Petroleum Products

Gasoline, lighter fluid and trichloroethylene can be used as golf grip solvent substitutes. However, their flammability and noxious fumes can make them difficult to handle. Trichloroethylene is environmentally dangerous and could cause health problems with sustained use.

Organic Grip Solvents

Recyclable organic gripping solvents can last for many uses if clubs are to be re-gripped over a period of time. Excess solvent collected or not used can be returned to the bottle for future reuse, making this an economical option. Although organic, these solvents still pose fire and flame risks so they should be handled with care.

Water-based Products

Water-based golf club grip tape has as its glue a gel-like ingredient that is activated by applying a small amount of water over the tape. On the other hand, instead of purchasing this tape, dish soap and water can be applied as a low-tech substitute for any type of golf grip solvent.

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