Brands of toilet paper

Updated March 23, 2017

Toilet paper is a product people use daily. Some people don't give much thought to the brand, but for others, the right brand of toilet paper is important. While there are numerous off brands of toilet paper, a few name brands have been around for many years and remain among the most favoured brands on the market.

Premium Brand Toilet Paper

Premium toilet paper is typically made from made from virgin wood fibres from freshly cut trees. This makes premium toilet paper more expensive, but generally softer than other brands. Some of the big premium brands include Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, Quilted Northern Soft and Strong, Cottenelle Ultra, Cottenelle with Aloe and Charmin.

Budget Toilet Paper

Budget toilet paper tends to be less soft than the premium bathroom tissues. This is because they are usually made from paper factory scraps rather than virgin paper. This makes them more cost effective. Marcal Bathroom Tissue, Scott and Kirkland are three top-rated budget toilet papers. While they may not be soft enough for the finicky toilet-paper user, many people find the difference in softness acceptable for the savings.

Recyclable Toilet paper

Going green has made it to the toilet tissue arena, but surprisingly not on a large scale. Ecofriendly toilet papers are made with a variety of recycled papers. Seventh Generation is rated by the Natural Resources Defense Council as one of the most ecofriendly toilet papers on the market. Green Forest is another top-rated recycled brand of toilet paper.

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