Ideas on Updating Yellow Pine Furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Yellow pine has an inherently rustic, country-style appearance that makes it a charmingly distinctive material for furniture and floors. But if years go by and you grow tired of your yellow wood furniture, pine is versatile enough to respond well to a range of makeover options.


Staining your yellow pine furniture is a simple way to transform it and update the look as drastically or subtly as you like. For example, a golden stain will enhance the natural hue of the wood and give the furniture a subtle warm appearance. Applying a finish over the stain will give the piece a shiny glow. Conversely, a reddish stain will give the piece a dramatic new look that evokes the qualities and formal distinction of cherry or mahogany furniture. Before applying the stain, make sure you sand the pine to open up the wood grain to receive the colour.


Stencils are a more understated way to give yellow pine a slightly different appearance. Stencils give your wood furniture a splash of a colour while updating the entire look. Place the stencils wherever you like: along the chair legs, on a chair back, on the table surface or on the front of a cabinet. Select stencils that bring out the rustic charm of the pine furniture, such as country hearts or clover, or select a totally different theme, such as sailboats or animals.

Decorative Details

Gold leaf is a simple way to give your pine furniture a touch of elegance. Using gold leaf illustrates how a minor change can give a dramatic face lift to your wood pieces. Rub the gold leaf on carvings, engravings and drawer fronts and doors. Just a few hints of gold along the surface of the furniture will make it look more impressive and stately. Another quick and simple way to update your furniture is to add new drawer pulls, knobs or hinges. Depending on the hardware you select, your pine furniture's style could instantly go from rustic to regal.

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