Great 23rd anniversary gifts & ideas

Written by meredith burgio | 13/05/2017
Great 23rd anniversary gifts & ideas
Topaz and silver-plated gifts are the new tradition for the 23rd anniversary. (A pair of wedding bands on an exquisite gold-coloured gift box. image by weim from

There are traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries. The first year is paper, the 13th is pearl, and the 50th is gold. But not every year has a gift assigned to it, such as the 23rd anniversary. However, over the years this anniversary has garnered a list of acceptable gifts. Consider giving silver-plated or topaz gifts.

Silver-Plated Gifts

The best part of silver-plated gifts is that you can engrave a special, intimate note to your significant other. Any inside joke or pet name can easily fit on a silver-plated pen or jewellery box. When considering a silver-plated gift, keep in mind what gift would be suitable for your spouse. If they wear suits for work, engraved, silver-plated cuff links. If your spouse is a teacher, consider engraving a silver-plated nameplate or paper weight. There are may options online and at stores such as Things Remembered. However, engraving takes time, so don't wait until the last minute.


Topaz jewellery is an obvious choice for a wedding anniversary gift. In order to make it more thoughtful consider a piece of jewellery that is in a meaningful design such as a cross, heart or locket. Cuff links embellished with topaz is also a great gift idea. If your spouse is not interested in jewellery, then consider a topaz coloured gift such as a scarf or tie.

New Tradition

Know that your spouse is not a silver-plated pen or topaz jewellery type? Then consider creating a tradition of your own. Has your husband hinted at new golf clubs? Does your wife want to go on that vacation you've never had time for. Whatever your spouse has mentioned in passing, this anniversary can make it a reality. It does not have to be an expensive gesture, as the saying goes, it's the though that counts.

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