Scooters that look like motorbikes

Written by kristin jennifer | 13/05/2017
Scooters that look like motorbikes
Scooters styled after motorbikes have an aggressive appearance and windshield. (scooter image by dead_account from

Scooters are fuel-efficient alternatives to cars and trucks. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Vespa offer sleek, aggressively styled scooters similar in appearance to the look of motorcycles and motorbikes. Many of the scooters offered get at least 45 miles per gallon (MPG) and attain speeds up to 76 miles per hour. Scooters styled after motorbikes can also be used for highway touring.


Honda offers three scooters styled like a motorbike. The Honda PCX has a 125cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine and automatic transmission. Colours offered are pearl white and candy red. The SH150i has a twist-and-go transmission and gets 91 miles per gallon. The Silverwing ABS has a 582cc parallel twin engine and anti-lock brakes. The Silverwing gets 46 MPG. Each of these Honda offerings have passenger seating and a V-matic belt drive that requires no shifting.


Yamaha offers the Majesty and the T-Max scooter. The Majesty is akin to a touring motorcycle in its comfortable seating and large body. The scooter gets 50 MPG, has a push-button start and contains 16 gallons of storage space. Colour options are stealth grey and pearl white. Yamaha's T-Max has 15-inch wheels to provide a ride like a sport bike. Storage space includes a double glove box in the apron. The T-Max has an adjustable backrest for the rider and a touring windshield.


Suzuki offers the Burgman 650 and the 400 ABS scooters. Both have electric start ignitions and maintenance-free batteries. The Burgman 650 has a backrest for the driver and a powerful 638cc 8-valve twin-cylinder engine. The 400 ABS gets 56 MPG and has a control-pulsed air-injection system to reduce emissions.


The Vespa GTV 300 is styled after the original scooter with an aggressive front grill. The GTV 300 has a push-button start, a chrome luggage rack, and front and rear disc brakes. Highway travel is possible with a top speed of 76 MPH. This scooter gets 65 to 70 MPG.

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