Crafts for Teen Girls

Updated March 17, 2017

Finding interactive activities for teen girls can present a challenge. Crafts bridge the gap between parents or invested adults and teens, engaging girls in hands-on projects and opening communication lines in the process. Crafts for teen girls provide an opportunity to spend time together enjoying a fun project in the process.

Altered Journal

Buy a composition book. Using lightweight, patterned scrapbook paper, decorate the front and back covers. You can mitre the corners for a finished look and cover the inside with a piece of white cardstock to cover the seams. Use a découpage medium or even a glue stick to adhere the scrapbook paper. Decorate as desired with stickers, paint, ink, stamps and other multimedia, either before or after adhering the cover. Coat with découpage medium for durability.

Handmade Scrapbook

Handmade scrapbooks can be as simple or elaborate as you and the teens desire. First, buy small page protectors with two or three holes punched in the side. Make a front and back cover out of chipboard about one half inch bigger than the pages protectors. You can use the back of a yellow legal pad. Decorate the chipboard with paint, ink, scrapbook paper, stamps, brads, beads, glitter, stickers and other multimedia as desired. Make scrapbook pages, either with or without photos. You can make this a themed book, like "My Five Favorite Christmas Memories" or "Give Thanks" or "All About Me." The scrapbook can be as short as three or four pages. Keeping the album under 20 pages allows the girls to focus on a reachable goal. This project can be spread over several weeks, if needed.


Most teen girls love T-shirts. With dozens of ways to decorate them and a wearable finished project, T-shirts are the perfect crowd pleaser with teens. Frugal parents can buy T-shirts cheaply at most craft stores . Tie dying provides a creative option and allows the girl's personality to shine. Foam stamping with paint using letters or designs such as hearts, stars or swirls offers a fun alternative for a T-shirt. Finally, take a pair of scissors and trim fringe to spice up a plain T-shirt.

Door Hangers

Perfect for a bedroom door or hanging in a locker, teen girls will enjoy decorating a wooden door hanger, available at most craft stores for less than a dollar. Girls can paint these, stamp them, use glitter, scrapbook paper, stickers and adhere additional multimedia. A coat of découpage medium seals the door hanger and gives it a lovely finish.

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