Types of rods for a spiral perm

When the time comes to create a wavy or curly pattern to your hair, choose from many different perming rods for the task of perming your hair. The chemical in the perm moulds the hair into waves and curls when you apply rollers and rods. Choose the rods based on the length of your hair.

Small Rods

For those with very short hair, Hairfinder recommends small red or blue rods. Smaller rods create tighter spirals. Red rods will create tight, springy, defined curls. Blue rods, which tend to be a little thicker, are also suitable for people with shorter hair, and tend to produce a slightly wavier look than the thinner red ones.

Medium Rods

Pink and grey rods are medium-sized and are recommended by for people with shoulder-length hair. They tend to produce a more wavy effect than the shorter rods. Using the pink rods will result in a medium-sized spiral. The slightly wider grey rods will produce a wider curl.

Large Rods

Hairfinder describes the thickest perm rods as creating larger spirals and can be used on a variety of hair lengths. If you use these on short hair, the large white or purple rods will create a full-bodied look. Used on medium-length hair, these fatter rods produce a wavy appearance. If you have longer hair, the large perming rods will create curls.

Curved Rods

Perming rods can also be curved or straight. Curved, concave rods are thinner in the middle and wider at the ends, which enable them to rest more closely against the scalp. This can often result in a slightly less artificial-looking spiral. The final look is more natural in appearance. Remember that the initial appearance of your newly permed hair. It will become less rigid within a few days, especially after a few washes.

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