The Best Replacement Tires for a 2003 CR-V

Written by brittiany cahoon | 13/05/2017
The Best Replacement Tires for a 2003 CR-V
CR-V replacement tires should come with a good warranty. (tires on water image by JoLin from

The Honda CR-V is generally a good buy as far as cars go. The size is comfortable for the price and the engines are known to run well and last long. One drawback about the Honda CR-V is the tires. Tires on a CR-V tend to wear out quickly. Tires fade after only a few thousand miles, and any car owner knows that can be a big problem since tires are expensive. Knowing the right tire size and model can help you select a tire that will last longer than standard CR-V tires.

Yokohama Geolander A/T-S

This brand of tire is a well-known brand for CR-V drivers. These tires come with a 50,000-mile warranty, which will come in handy should your tires quickly wear out again. The standard size tire that comes with a CR-V is 15 inches, but you can upgrade with the Yokohama to 18 inches for a bit more stability on the road.

General Grabber AT2

Though not rated quite as high as the Yokohama tire, this type of tire is a good pick for the CR-V. These tires have all the features that a Yokohama tire has, without the reputation. It is a good choice with which to replace your standard tires.

Hancook Optimo H727

These tires are specially designed for crossovers, sedans and minivans. All season rubber and built-in stabilisers increase the tread life and longevity of the tire. These tires are also fairly inexpensive, running £39 to £78 each in 2010, depending on the size you purchase.

Michelin HydroEdge

If you drive in a lot of snow, these tires would be a good choice. They are specially designed for family cars and minivans. A long tread life and all-weather capacity make these tires a good choice for the 2003 CR-V. The tyre's silica-based tread creates a smooth ride and a dual dry and wet road performance capacity.

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