Materials to Build a Mini Ramp

Updated July 18, 2017

The mini ramp refers to a prominent ramp design commonly found in specialised skateboarding parks. The mini ramp features a curved construction that forms a U shape. The mini ramp allows you to execute a series of skateboarding tricks, defined as a line, without having to take your feet off the board. Constructing a mini ramp in your backyard will enable you to hone your skateboarding skills.


Using proper tools will make the mini ramp construction process go smoothly. Utilise a hammer if you plan on nailing the components of your mini ramp together. When using screws, use an electric drill. Transworld Skateboarding Magazine recommends using a jigsaw when cutting out the plywood pieces of your mini ramp. Use a tape measure to guarantee the components of your mini ramp correspond. A skill saw will also come in handy to cut out the necessary 2-by-4 supports. A chalk line tool will allow you to quickly make straight lines across the wood. Tracing the outlines of your wooden pieces will enable you to create exact duplicates. Utilise a heavy duty carpenter's pencil when tracing or drawing on wood.

Building Supplies

Ramp builders prefer different materials when constructing a mini ramp. Outdoor mini ramps often feature a wooden construction that has been covered in sheet metal. While the sheet metal will protect the wood from rain exposure, the sharp edges may cause serious injuries to the skater. Mini ramps made completely of wood feature 2-by-4 supports that have been covered in plywood. While wooden ramps are relatively inexpensive, the unprotected plywood surface will rot as moisture seeps in. Cement remains the most ideal mini ramp building material, as it can easily withstand even the worst weather conditions. However, cement mini ramps cost the most to build and mastering the pouring technique requires significant practice.


Skatelite refers to a specialised material that allows you to prolong the life of your indoor or outdoor mini ramp. The plywood on indoor mini ramps will gradually chip away over time. According to Skatelite, original formula Skatelite will protect the face of indoor ramps during prolonged skateboarding and BMX sessions. Apply a thin layer of Skatelite over your outdoor mini ramp to protect the plywood sheets. Utilise the Skatelite Pro formula to waterproof the wooden components of your outdoor mini ramp. Skatelite sheets can be fastened in place using nails or screws.

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