Pink Power Tools for Women

Updated April 17, 2017

Women power up with pink power tools. As women take initiative, venturing into traditionally male jobs, companies take notice. The mainstream power tools have morphed into tools that are more feminine in make, capabilities, and colour.

Pink Power Bit Drivers

The pink power bit driver is a feminised electronic version of the simple manual screwdriver. More lightweight than regular power bit drivers, the pink power bit driver has a long-lasting battery charge with indicators that inform owners on the battery status. Users can take advantage of the dual forward and reverse switches.

Pink Power Drill

Women can purchase and use pink power drills manufactured with women in mind. The pink drill is 2/3 lighter than the regular power drills and is ideal for heavy-duty and domestic use. Makers have installed an LED headlight so that the user can see holes more clearly and make more headway. Keyless chucks allow women to change bit sizes. Speed buttons also regulate the driver's working rate.

Pink Power Scissors

Pink Power Scissors is another convenient utility option for women who desire it. This Black and Decker tool suits women in not only colour, but also in user-friendliness. Clipping hard materials is quicker and more manageable.

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