The smallest fiber optic cameras

Written by quentin shires | 13/05/2017
The smallest fiber optic cameras
Fibre-optic cameras can be very small and an ideal way to gather information. (optical fibre (fibre) 2 image by BlueMiniu from

Private detectives, law enforcement agents and other investigators sometimes use small fibre-optic cameras to gain audio-visual footage of suspected persons. Many times when gathering evidence, fibre-optic cameras can be undetectable due to their ability to be placed in small, confined areas without being seen. Knowing about the smallest fibre-optic cameras available on the market can help determine the best tool for your investigation.

Mini Snake Camera

The Mini Snake Camera is thin and flexible and features a 3.7mm pinhole lens, a 1/4-inch colour charge-coupled device and a .01 area of illumination. The camera is ideal for private investigators as it is controlled by fibre optics and has the ability to see around corners, under doors, inside drain pipes and in other limited areas.

After you have recorded with this camera, you have the ability to hear precise dialogue in the immediate area, as it is also equipped with a built-in microphone. The high-resolution lens allows investigators to receive a crystal-clear video of their surveillance and easily adapt the camera to record real-time events.

Flexible Fiber Camera

The flexible fibercCamera is sold as a kit that contains a 3 1/3mm fibre optic cable, a true colour charge-coupled device and an automatic electrical iris with a view of 1/60 to approximately 1/10,000th sensitivity. This fibre-optic camera is powered by a 12-volt battery and allows viewers to be able to utilise a fully adjustable focus that ranges from 0.5 inches to infinity.

This camera is typically used with a micro video Walkman, which is ideal for private investigation jobs. The Flexible Fiber Camera can also be hooked up to different televisions and video cameras, as it is also equipped with 330 cable lines. This fibre camera is small enough to fit under doors and in hard to reach places and remain invisible to suspected parties.

Fibre-Optic Inspection Scopes

The fibre-optic inspection scope can be purchased with a variety of cord lengths. Perfect for looking under doors, in locked rooms or in drainpipes, the cord lengths can be 3.3 feet, 6.7 feet or 10 feet long. In order to record with this scope, investigators can purchase an adaptor to record to a video camera or other viewing device.

The fibre-optic inspection scope can typically see what the naked eye can; however, during night investigations an attachment can also be purchased to allow the scope to see and record in total darkness. The eyepiece of the scope contains a lens that is 2mm in diameter that is attached to a flexible fibre-optic bundle.

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