Errors in the Hitachi CPX400 Projector

Updated February 21, 2017

The primary purpose of the Hitachi CPX400 projector is to display video in a large capacity on a screen or wall by way of projection. After several uses, you may begin to experience trouble with your device's operation. Following a few simple steps and performing some basic maintenance yourself will save you time, money and frustration.

Input Problems

If you're receiving a message on your projector display that reads "No Input Is Detected," this could be a sign that there's no signal from your input device, such as a computer or DVD player. Check your source for errors. For example, if your source is a DVD player, confirm that the player is turned on. If it's turned on, confirm that there is a DVD in the player and the play button has been pushed. Examine the connection cord between the DVD player and your projector. Confirm that the receptor is firmly seated within your projector's "Input" terminal. Unplug it and reseat it to reset the connection. Check the connection to your DVD player, and confirm that it is snug and secure.

Display Incompatibility

If you're projector displays a message of "Sync Is Out of Range," your video source could be an unsupported size vertically or horizontally. If the projector's display specifications aren't compatible with the video source that is playing, the video won't be projected. As a remedy, access your projector menu and adjust the display specifications.

Cleaning the Filter

If you're receiving a message about checking the filter, it's a safety measure concerning cleaning the filter. Turn off the power and change or clean the filter immediately. Unscrew the filter cover knobs on the side of the projector and pull the knobs toward you. The filter will come away with them. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear the filter of debris and dust. Replace the filter back on the unit. Once the filter has been changed or cleaned, reset the filter timer.

Filter Blockage

A message reading "Check the Air Flow" indicates a rising temperature within the projector. Turn off the power immediately to halt heat generation. The projector should sit for about 20 minutes, allowing it to cool down. While the device cools, inspect the air passage aperture for blockage, such as dust or an object backed up against it. Dust off of the air aperture by vacuuming it. Examine the air filter for excessive dirt. If you see that the air filter is dirty, remove it from the projector and clean it. Power on the device. If none of the remedies worked and the device continues to overheat, access "Service" under the "Option" menu and raise the "Fan Speed" to "High."

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