Self-Employed Career Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are interested in becoming self-employed, consider some of the activities that you enjoy doing most. Often people who do not enjoy these activities are willing to pay someone else to do them, whether because of personal preferences or time or physical constraints that prevent them from completing those tasks. This opens up an opportunity for you to create a self-employed career completing those tasks for others, while doing something you enjoy.

College Student Consultant

Attending college can cause a variety of feelings in both students and parents ranging from excitement to fear. If you have recently attended college, or have children who have attended recently, consulting others can be a profitable business. Offer your services at local high schools with a free overview of what students need to consider when leaving home to attend college. Offer brief information on living alone for the first time, maintaining a healthy diet, being accountable to yourself for your education and financial planning while in college. Do not give away all of your information at this overview, but provide enough information to get the attention of the students and parents. At the end of the meeting, explain how you can help the students and parents adjust to this new life experience based on your experiences. Offer to meet with the family before college starts to help prepare, and to offer advice for the student or family while the student is at college.

Online Dating Consultant

The internet is full of dating websites. For many of these websites, members need to compose a profile and choose a picture. Offer your services to help a member compose a profile that will attract attention. Help guide the member by instructing her on what to include about herself and what not to include. Help him choose pictures that will attract the type of partner he is looking for on the website. By consulting numerous members of different online dating websites, you will be able to get a feel for the community at each and guide your client to which online dating website is best for her. Continue to offer advice such as how to maintain an online relationship, and offering guidelines and advice for the first off-line meeting between him and his match.

Personal Trainer

Offer your services to individuals who wish to get into shape through physical exercise. Help work with each individual to develop a training play for her. This plan should include setting a schedule for both exercise and food consumption, and offering to assist the client in maintaining that schedule. Exercises do not have to include working out at a health club, but if they do, you should obtain a membership for that gym. Contact local gyms, especially those that do not offer personal trainers to their members, about advertising your services at the gym. Once you have established a client base, continue to help with fitness planning as well as offering in-person coaching at workout sessions.

Personal Shopper

Some people can't get out of the house easily to shop, don't have the time to do it or just don't enjoy shopping. If shopping is something you enjoy, turn it into a self-employed career. Advertise your services at locations such as senior citizen's centres, community centres, shopping malls and grocery stores. Meet with the clients and find out what items the client needs purchased and how often. You can shop for groceries, clothing and other items requested by the client. Set up a schedule for how often you will shop for each client and the fee that you will charge. Once you have multiple clients, you can organise your week into specific days for specific stores for multiple clients.

Personal Chef

You don't have to be a gourmet chef to be a personal chef. Offer your services to prepare meals in clients' homes, or prepare meals for them to freeze and re-heat. Your service can be used by those who are unable to cook for themselves due to physical conditions, or for others that don't have the time to cook or don't enjoy cooking. Find out the types of foods that each client enjoys and prepare their meals. During the day you can prepare meals for clients who request meals they can re-heat, and then in the evenings cook in the homes of the clients who request in-home service.

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