Good Luck Charm Gifts

Written by shalina ramirez-melton
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Good Luck Charm Gifts
Four-leaf clovers make ideal good luck charm gifts. (trefles à quatre feuilles image by Nath Photos from

Good luck charm gifts are meant to bring good fortune, happiness and love. Even individuals who are not overly superstitious are open to receiving lucky charms. Good luck gifts have taken many forms over the decades, including coins, jewellery, flora and fauna.


Giving a bamboo plant as a gift brings good luck to both the recipient and gift-giver. Different types of flowers are also associated with attracting luck, according to the Bella Online website. Some of the more common good luck flowers include lotus, peony and cherry, dogwood or peach blossoms. Orchids are considered a symbol of fertility, while the white narcissus flower is known as a career cure. Chrysanthemums bring good luck inside the home.

Mythical Creatures

Small replicas of mythical creatures are long-time symbols of good luck. Examples of these types of lucky charms include unicorns, fairies, angels and the phoenix. The dragon turtle is an ancient Chinese figure with the head of dragon, the body of turtle and a coin in its mouth. It is said to signify power, high rank and prosperity, according to the Hub Pages website. Fu (or Foo) dogs are traditional Chinese guardians of temples, palaces, tombs, offices and homes. They look like lions and always appear in pairs. The left side represents the female with the right side representing the male.


Some animals are regarded as good luck charms, such as elephants. These animals are one of the most sought-after symbols of good luck in the world, according to the Free Unique Articles website. They are the preferred animal charm of luck in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India and China. Other animals thought to bring good luck include dolphins, fish, pigs, turtles, horses and tigers. Asian cultures recognise red bats as a lucky charm for longevity, good heath, love, prosperity and power. A rabbit's foot is considered lucky when gifted to a friend, while Africans believe its teeth provide a victory in gambling.


One of the most well-known symbols for good luck is the four-leaf clover, according to the Free Unique Articles website. Four-leaf clovers can be given as jewellery or in the form of a key chain. Seeds of the Rudraksha tree, traditionally used for Hindu prayer beads, bring in good luck and ward off negative vibes. A sacred syllable in Indian religions, Om or Aum gives luck and spiritual power when uttered. Other good luck symbols include horseshoes, the holy cross, rainbows and the number seven.

Holy Icons

Several holy icons are also regarded as lucky charms, such as the Catholic devotional Saint Christopher. On a general basis, Saint Christopher jewelery brings safety and good luck to travellers, according to the Love Necklace website. Replicas of the laughing Buddha also make ideal good luck gifts. These portray a little bald fellow with an ample stomach that can be seen through his ill-fitting robe, according to the Winsunlight website. Some believe rubbing the belly of a laughing Buddha promotes good fortune and prosperity. The laughing Buddha is commonly seen in homes, gardens, offices, restaurants, shops and hotels.

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