Mitchell Inkworks Colors

Written by lina houze | 13/05/2017
Mitchell Inkworks Colors
Mitchell Inkworks offers a variety of vibrant colours. (broom image by Adrian Hillman from

Paul Mitchell professional hair colour, otherwise known as Mitchell Inkworks, come in 11 intermixable colours and a clear dye. It is a semi-permanent hair colour made from a vegetable base. The colour usually lasts for about three weeks. Orange, neon-orange, hot pink, yellow, blue, red, neon-red, green, purple, black and clear are available. The colours come in 124ml. bottles for about £16, according to a 2010 price index.


The colour sits on the outside of the hair shaft so that the colour is vibrant and shiny. Since the colour is made from a vegetable base, it prevents the damage you would get from ammonia-based hair dyes.

For Best Results

According to the product label, for best results avoid washing your hair 48 hours after the colour is brought to your desired level. This will ensure the colour is set for a long lasting experience. Since some shampoos and conditioners could be too harsh on the Inkwork, it's recommended to use Paul Mitchell's colour care system to clean and condition while leaving the colour to be as vibrant as it can be.

How to Remove the Color from Your Hair

To remove Inkwork colour from pre-lightened hair, apply a mixture of Paul Mitchell's Dual-Purpose Lightener and 5 or 10 volume Cream Developer to coloured areas. Rinse it out when the colour has been achieved to your liking.

To remove the colour from virgin hair or to take the tint out of dark hair, apply a mixture of shampoo and baking soda. Rinse and repeat until you reach your desired hair colour.

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