Ideas for birthday gifts for a girl's 17th

Updated November 21, 2016

By their 17th birthday, teenage girls are turning to more adult interests rather than the childish ones of their younger teen years. But choosing the perfect gift can be difficult because you don't want to select something that is too grown up. So observe her personal style, interests and things she enjoys before purchasing a gift for her.


Fashion is one of the most important things in the world to many 17-year-old girls. Staying in style and having the latest cool look is something that most teenage girls can't live without. So if you are knowledgeable about the types of clothes and accessories that are popular with teenage girls, choose a shirt, dress, skirt or pair of shoes for her. If you think choosing a piece of clothing for her is a bit risky, purchase a gift token for her from a local clothing store where teenage girls like to shop.


While books might not seem like the perfect gift for a 17-year-old girl, it actually can be a good idea to purchase a few books for her. Teens enjoy lots of fictional book series, such as the Twilight, Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings series. So select a fiction book that is popular with the teen set. You could also choose a book that goes along with one of her interests. For example, for a teenage girl who enjoys soccer, choose a biography of one of her favourite players. You could also buy a book that will help her prepare for college or a life after high school.


A teen girl enjoys having fun with her friends, so help her to record all of those moments with her own digital camera. Go with a small camera that can easily fit in her purse or pocket. Some digital cameras can take both pictures and video, so consider one that has multiple uses. Another idea is to get her a modernised Polaroid camera. These cameras are small and spit out small pictures in black and white after they are taken. This can be a fun item for her to carry around with her at parties and other events.


Music has long been a popular thing among teenage girls. Choose a gift for the teenage girl in your life that goes along with her musical interests. Purchase an MP3 player for her if she doesn't already have one. If she does, go with a gift card for digital music downloads. You could also select a CD or a record for her by one of her favourite musical groups or artists.

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