Ideas for School Fete Stalls

Updated July 20, 2017

School fetes are an effective way to raise money for your school while providing an enjoyable day out for the whole family. They are an ideal opportunity for school faculty, parents and students to rub elbows and get a feel for the school community. As well as offering the entertainment of a live band, DJ and games, school fetes are also interesting for the range of stalls that they offer.

Face Painting

One of the most common, and most visited, stalls at a school fete is the obligatory face-painting stall, where children and adults alike can be transformed into lions, butterflies or even their favourite comic book heroes. It is important for kids to have parental consent, however, because not only can it take a good scrubbing to remove some face paints, but some may contain chemicals or properties that can cause allergic reactions.


At the heart of any school fete is the hot food stall, where patrons can enjoy hot dogs, burgers and a variety of other barbecued food and swill it down with a refreshing cold drink. It is also essential to consider vegetarians and other religious dietary concerns when choosing foods to offer. Check the weather forecast in advance as well because a gazebo will ensure that no matter what the weather, the barbecue will not be a washout.

Bakery Stall

The bakery stall is another well-attended feature of most school fetes, as it gives students and parents a chance to show off their baking prowess. More important, it is also an opportunity for some patrons to satiate their sweet tooth. From homemade breads to angel cakes to gingerbread men, the bakery stall is a place for fete-goers to visit to enjoy delicious treats.

Second-Hand Clothes

Preparing for the next school year can be an expensive time, so a second-hand clothes stall is usually a welcome addition to any school fete for those parents wishing to save money on uniforms, gym clothes and even leisure wear. Likewise, parents who wish to get rid of outgrown school clothes will also be able to donate them to the school to help others.


A school fete should not be all give, give, give and this is where the raffle stall comes in handy. For a small fee, patrons get the chance to enter a raffle for sometimes useful and wonderful prizes. Local businesses will no doubt be keen to donate items for the raffle, as a good community turnout will ensure them some sought-after publicity.

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