Specifications of the Kubota Mini Excavator

Kubota Corporation is a manufacturer of heavy landscape equipment, construction equipment and agricultural equipment. This Japanese company distributes equipment across the globe. The Kubota KX61-3 mini excavator is just one of many products offered by this company. Excavators are versatile pieces of heavy machinery that are traditionally employed to scoop up materials and dig into the soil. The dozer blade attachments available on many excavators make levelling ground easier and greatly increase the number of practical applications linked with these machines.


The Kubota mini excavator employs a water-cooled, diesel-powered model V1505-E2-BH-9EU engine. The engine fitted into this model of Kubota excavator offers a power output in the 24.4-horsepower range. This engine is a four-cylinder engine that offers a 3.07 by 3.09-inch bore and stroke. The total piston displacement offered by this excavator is approximately 91.4 cubic inches.


Dig depth refers to the maximum depth that a piece of equipment can dig into the earth below it tracks. This KX61-3 mini excavator offers a dig depth of 98.0 inches. The bucket fitted on the end of this excavator's arm measures 18.7 inches in width while the optional dozer that can be fitted onto the front of this excavator measures 55.1 inches by 11.8 inches. This model is 55.1 inches wide and 94.9 inches tall to the top of the cab. The arm extends to a maximum reach of 176.4 inches and can lift to a maximum height of 171.7 inches. The KX61-3 excavator by Kubota offers a 12.0-inch ground clearance.

Other Specs

Bucket capacity refers to the volume of material that can fit into the bucket in one heaping scoop. The bucket attachment to this excavator has the capacity to hold a maximum of 2.12 cubic feet of material. The standard hydraulic system fitted on the KX61-3 offers a fluid reservoir that can hold 7.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid. The fuel cell fitted into this Kubota excavator offers a 9.9-gallon fuel capacity. To protect the excavator operator, the KX61-3 features a steel rollover protection cage. The transmission on this machine offers two gears total. Travelling at maximum speed in high gear, this excavator can proceed at a rate of approximately 2.73 miles per hour. Travelling in low gear, it can move at 1.74 miles per hour.

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