Causes of a High Gas Bill

A gas bill is a somewhat fluid bill that can change based on gas usage, appliances, weather and the current price of gas. However, there are some items or changes that will drastically increase the cost of natural gas. Becoming aware of these gas cost-increasing items and practices can help you keep your gas bill low throughout the course of the year.


According to FPL Energy, the number one cause of a rising gas bill is the weather. When temperatures drop, the usage of items that use the gas lines increase. People may take longer showers, the oven may be used more and heaters will stay on much longer. Even rainy weather in warmer months will likely cause the gas bill to rise, especially if you have a gas-heated water heater. The water in cold weather is cooler, which means that the water heater must work harder and longer to keep the water hot.


Poor insulation can also be a reason for a high gas bill. Air leaks through the walls, attic and especially windows and doors can really influence how hard a heating system must work to retain heat in the home. If your home is powered by gas heating, try to increase the insulation of the home as much as possible. You can add additional insulation to the attic or walls, replace the windows with energy-efficient windows, seal gaps in windows and doors, or even install curtains over windows and keep doors closed as much as possible.


The addition of new appliances can influence the cost of gas and raise the bill. Adding a new gas-powered oven or stove, or adding gas powered fireplace, heater or water heater can raise a gas bill by a significant amount. Don't be surprised if your gas bill jumps up sharply after installing a new gas appliance.

Gas Prices

Prices of gas will also change the cost of a gas bill. Small changes in gas prices can significantly affect the total cost of gas when added up in a bill at the end of the month. The only way to keep the price of gas even is to employ the use of a price cap billing system. Some gas companies offer this feature for customers.

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