Facts on Not Smoking for Kids

Written by samantha hanly | 13/05/2017
Facts on Not Smoking for Kids

Children need to be told not to smoke. But they don't always listen, do they? Break down facts about smoking into simple, easy to understand statements. Make sure they understand what "big words" mean, for example, people hear all of the time that cigarette smoking is addictive. Make sure your child knows that addictive means it is physically painful to stop. When children ask questions, go into detail and educate them.


Cigarette companies do attempt to market to children, even if it is subtle. Old Joe Camel is a cute cartoon character that has been used in cigarette advertising.


If a person starts smoking before age 21, chances are almost certain that he will continue to smoke through adulthood.


Facts on Not Smoking for Kids

Cigarettes have chemicals and other ingredients that are carcinogens. A carcinogen causes cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are over 60 carcinogens in cigarette smoke.

Damaged Lungs

Unfortunately, damaged lung tissue does not regenerate. Compromised lungs remain compromised for life. The best way to keep your lungs healthy is to not damage them with smoking.

Stopping Smoking is Harder Than Not Starting

Nicotine is a physically addictive drug. Painful withdrawal symptoms occur when people try to stop smoking. This is why it is so difficult to stop smoking, even if you want to. The best way to avoid this problem is to not start.


Some cigarettes claim to be better for you and are marketed as "light." However, they are no better for you than other cigarettes. Light cigarettes have holes punched in the filters, supposedly to lessen the amount of smoke inhaled. These holes get covered by people's mouths when smoking, making them obsolete.


Facts on Not Smoking for Kids
Burning Your Money

Habitual smoking is an expensive habit. Cigarette companies make money by selling a physically addictive product. Adults can spend literally thousands of dollars per year on cigarettes.

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