Funny speech topics for teens

Updated March 23, 2017

If you're a teen, writing a speech for school can be an intimidating experience. Not only does the speech have to be as well-written and formatted as any essay, you also have to read it aloud in front of your teacher and classmates. One way to make your speech more interesting is to choose a funny topic. The key to success with this approach is to make sure the topic is educational and respectful, as well as humorous.

Newspaper vs. Tabloid

This topic is particularly good for journalism or English classes. Choose a current event in any topic, such as politics, sports or entertainment, then find an article about that topic in your local newspaper. Compare that article to one on the same topic in a tabloid magazine. Your speech can compare and contrast the elements of both, from the title and style of writing to how the event is described and portrayed. Pointing out the flamboyant spins tabloids tend to give stories after the dry reporting of the newspaper article is sure to amuse the class.

If I Were President

From economics to war to education, this topic can potentially be both thoughtful and entertaining. Begin by researching a specific issue, such as gun control, and make a serious list of actions you would take as president to help solve the problems surrounding the issue. Add some humour to your speech by predicting the outcomes of your actions, for better or for worse.

If Technology Disappeared

What if there were no Internet, computers or smart phones? As a teen, you've likely grown up using cell phones while staying connected with friends on Facebook and other networking sites. Imagine if all of those things disappeared tomorrow. How would you and your friends react? The potential reactions can be quite funny, but you can also seriously analyse the impact technology has on your daily life.

New Scholarships

Scholarships are typically awarded for teens who excel in academics, sports and the arts. What are some other qualities or achievements scholarships might be awarded for? Create a list of ideas and describe what a teen would have to do in order to earn those scholarships. Some ideas might be scholarships awarded for prolific tweets on Twitter, never getting caught for doing something wrong, or surpassing a ridiculous amount of hours in a row playing video games.

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