Good gift ideas for my stepmom's birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Watching your stepmom's face light up as she opens the birthday gift you worked so hard to find is a rewarding experience. When someone is a new addition to your family, shopping for a gift can seem like an overwhelming task. With the right planning and thought, finding something she'll enjoy does not have to be hard. Focus the gift on a hobby she enjoys or treat her to an experience she'll never forget.

Volunteer Day

The relationship between a stepmom and stepchild can be difficult at times. It requires communication, patience and time to get to know one another. Does she have a favourite charity or a cause she feels strongly about? As a gesture to show her you want your relationship to grow, offer to spend the day with her as volunteers. This shows her you care about things that are important to her.

Day of Pampering

Your stepmom probably works hard. Whether it's caring for children, volunteering or devoting herself to a job, chances are she could use some relaxing "me" time. Treat her to a day of pampering at a local spa or salon. You can either go with her and pay for the services she chooses or give her a gift token to use at her convenience.

Hobby Related Items

Does your stepmom have a hobby or craft she greatly enjoys? Give her a gift basket filled with items she can use in the pursuit of her hobby. Get her several selections of seeds, new gardening gloves and a coffee table book full of artistic flower photos, if she enjoys gardening. If she can't get enough of the outdoors, fill a gift basket with a water bottle, trail mix, fleece gloves and other related items. Is she a scrapbooker? Fill her basket with decorative papers, embellishments and gluing tools. As an alternative to an actual basket, place the items in something that relates to the hobby. For example, place the gardening gifts in a pail, perhaps personalised with her name. Or, fill a new lidded saucepan with cooking utensils and gourmet spices.

Homemade Item

Not everyone has extra money to spend on purchasing gifts. Often, gifts that the giver takes the time to make have a special significance that store-bought items do not. Use your talents & skills to create something for your stepmom's birthday. It could be anything from cooking an elaborate meal to framing a special photograph you took.

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