Ideas for a 10th year business anniversary

Updated March 22, 2017

Making it to the 10th year anniversary in business is a huge accomplishment. Businesses take time to grow and flourish, and this milestone should not just be a passing day on the calendar. Owners, managers and employees could all collaborate together to come up with an appropriate way to celebrate the remarkable occasion.

Customer Appreciation

Customers are the top reason why a business is able to survive past the 10-year mark, so holding a customer appreciation day is a great way to show repeat customers how much they are valued by the staff. You could offer a special discount as part of the celebration, but only offer the discount for a limited time. For example, if you run an ice cream store, you may offer a special where customers can get 10 per cent off their ice cream cones for an entire week dedicated to appreciating your customers. This offer could also introduce your company to a whole new crop of bargain hunting customers who had yet to give you a try.

Charitable Contributions

Another great way to commemorate 10 years in business is to make a charitable contribution to a local organisation. The amount you want to give away is completely at your discretion. You could however use an amount that correlates with your anniversary. For example, in July 2010, the national retailer Kohl's Department Stores celebrated the 10-year mark of its Kohl's Cares program by donating £6 million to local schools. Not only is the company doing good for the community, but the generosity of the donation is likely to garner media attention and press for the business. Small businesses won't be able to afford such a sizeable contribution, but any philanthropic effort helps a business obtain a good reputation as a company that cares about the community around it.

Introduction of New Product

Reaching the decade milestone can also be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new product or service. Introducing something new shows that your company has its sights and its business plan on the future and that the company plans on sticking around for another 10 years. For instance, the Platform was a company that had always been on the cutting edge of technology and online video broadcasting. For its 10-year anniversary, the Platform unleashed a re-engineered video management system that not only produced a better product but also was more efficient and scalable for publishing online video. Working in this angle is using business savyiness at its best, especially if your product uses cutting edge technology.


Throwing a party may seem like a cliché idea, but celebrating your first decade as a business certainly calls for one. The anniversary party can also give you a chance to show your employees that you appreciate all the hard work that they put into the company. Parties can range from small company picnics to renting out a large reception hall or local restaurant. Some other ideas include giving the employee who has been with the company the longest a special plaque or watch.

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