Bathroom linoleum ideas

Written by luanne kelchner | 13/05/2017
Bathroom linoleum ideas
Linoleum offers a variety of patterns and colours for bathroom floors. (Sean Justice/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

While you may hear vinyl flooring and linoleum used interchangeably when discussing flooring options for your home, these are very different products. Linoleum is made of natural materials with the colour saturated through all of the layers. Vinyl flooring materials only have the pattern or colour printed on the surface, making scratches a much bigger concern for homeowners. Linoleum works well in rooms that have heavy traffic such as kitchens and bathrooms. The material will hold up well for decades with the proper maintenance and care.

Retro Look

You can use the traditional black and white check pattern in your bathroom for a retro interior design. The linoleum tiles or sheets can work with a glamorous 1950s look in your bathroom. Install bulbs of lights around the mirror to add to the retro style in the bathroom. Choose vintage pink linoleum to give the bathroom a retro feminine look. When choosing pink linoleum flooring, you can select colours with sparkling flecks or a solid pink.

Bright Colors

Linoleum offers a variety of bright colours to give your bathroom a lift. Using bright colours in the bathroom can help to make a smaller size bathroom appear larger. Choose a sunny yellow linoleum flooring to brighten up the room. The lighter and brighter colours in linoleum materials are infused through the flooring, which make scratches and damage less noticeable. For a bold look in the bathroom, use a red linoleum floor and decorate the bathroom with black accents. When creating a spa bathroom, colours such as soft blue and sea green add to the relaxing decor in the bathroom.

Marble Pattern

Choose a marble pattern in linoleum tiles or sheets to give the bathroom a luxurious look. Choose linoleum flooring with a natural stone appearance for bathrooms with a rustic or natural interior design. Linoleum is warmer than natural stone and is much lower in price.

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