Types of Holidays in Kenya

Written by alexander sam | 13/05/2017
Types of Holidays in Kenya
Kenya is known for its diversity of wildlife, such as the monkey shown in the picture. (kenya image by TEMISTOCLE LUCARELLI from Fotolia.com)

Kenya is a country rich in culture, tradition and wildlife. The country is located on the east coast of Africa with the equator running right through the middle. It is divided into five different main zones; however, two-thirds of the country is covered by semi-arid lands and low lying arid land in the north and northeastern provinces. The diversity of the land makes it suitable for a number of activities, such as safaris, camel riding, white-water rafting, diving, deep-sea fishing and mountaineering.


One vacation option in Kenya is staying at an eco-camp or village. Eco villages are designed to work alongside indigenous groups and peoples, providing an income to support the local communities. Because they are set-up by local communities, they will often reflect the best interest of the local environment. Eco-villages in Kenya are typically established close to natural attractions, like the exotic island of Lamu or in remote areas near the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. Most eco-camps provide huts or lodges to stay in, and some have basic services such as small restaurants with local cuisine or excursions into the surrounding area, providing a rustic experience.


One of the more popular holiday types in Kenya is safaris, which take visitors through a series of different terrains to view wildlife. According to Kenya Wildlife Services, 75 per cent of wildlife in Kenya live outside wildlife reserves, meaning that visitors will need an experienced safari guide and vehicle to find wildlife. Some of the popular areas for safaris are Nairobi to Nakuru and Nairobi to Amboseli. Safaris typically take visitors to different areas with animals like flamingos, water birds, white rhinos, lions and elephants. Trips range from one to four days in length.

Leisure Holidays

Visitors to Kenya who are looking for a more leisurely experience with all the amenities of a hotel can book into one of the many resorts. Resorts in Kenya provide the full pampering experience with spas, first-class restaurants, pools and access to at tourist desk. At the hotel, guests can book day activities, like tours through the surrounding countryside or golfing packages at one of the many golf courses in the area. Resorts are a suitable choice for guests who want the full comfort holiday experience.

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