Creative Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The ceiling often is overlooked as an opportunity to add to the decor of a room. In the bathroom, the smaller ceiling gives you a chance to express your creativity while enhancing the appearance of the room. Those with smaller bathrooms can create the illusion of space with the right accents and colours.


You may want to paint the ceiling in the bathroom white while using the walls to give the room the brightening effect of colour. The ceiling can also be used to add a splash of colour to the room in an unexpected place. Paint or stencil designs on the ceiling, and make it an added attraction in your bathroom. Paint stars, clouds, the planets, angels or anything that fits in with your bathroom decor. Use light colours to create the impression of height and darker colours when you want the bathroom to have a cosier atmosphere. Paint geometric patterns on the ceiling, and leave the walls solid or match the pattern to the tile on the floor. If your bathroom has crown moulding, paint the moulding and the ceiling the same colour, and use a contrasting colour for the walls to add an interesting element to your bathroom design.

Reflective Surfaces

Mirrored ceiling tiles can brighten the appearance of your bathroom. Aim track lighting at the mirrored surface to bathe the room in light from above. You can use this technique to reflect light into darkened areas of the room, such as over the shower or a dark storage closet in the room. This can also create the illusion of high ceilings in the room. Pressed tin ceilings also have a reflective surface that can add the illusion of size to the bathroom. Use tin ceilings in a drop ceiling in your bathroom to add a decorative and vintage touch to the room.


You can use recessed lighting in the bathroom ceiling to add to your lighting layers. Instead of using one overhead light in the bathroom ceiling, install multiple recessed lighting cans to provide light in the part of the bathroom that is overly dark.

Wood Paneling

A wood panelled ceiling gives the bathroom a cosy look that is ideal in a rustic interior design or log cabin home. The panelling will require extra coats of sealant to battle the moisture in the bathroom, but the look is well worth the effort.

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