The Best Spinning Rims

Updated March 23, 2017

Spinning rims---car rims that give the illusion of a spinning wheel even while the vehicle is not in motion---have become one of the most sought-after vehicle accessories on the market. While spinning rims come in a variety of sizes and designs, some fare better than others when it comes to quality of design.

American Racing

According to reviews posted by the Best Rims website, American Racing rims are some of the most consistent favourites with reviewers. American Racing makes rims in a variety of sizes and designs, including spinning rims, and receives high marks based on design, quality and value. As of 2010, American Racing makes some of the best-selling rims on the market, according to reviews posted on the Best Rims website. While the spinning rims come in a variety of colours, the high-gloss chrome model remains the top seller. As of October 2010, prices vary from about £65 to £325 on average, depending on vehicle size and manufacturer.

Dub Spinner Bellagio

According to reviewers at Custom Wheels, Dub manufactures some of the highest-quality spinning rims. Dub also offers spinning rims in a variety of styles, colours and designs; the Dub Spinner Bellagio remains a top seller. Dub sells its spinning rims in myriad sizes and offers custom ordering for most vehicles. Prices vary based on factors including merchant pricing, size and colour; as of October 2010, prices for spinning rims manufactured by Dub ranged between £568 for rims made for standard size vehicles and £1,300 for those targeting trucks and SUVs.

Oasis Cris Style

The website Chrome Spinners gives high ratings to the Oasis Cris Style spinner. This rim received high marks based on its durability, quality and luxurious design. The Oasis Cris Style comes in standard sizing options for 18-, 20-, 22-, 23-, 24-, 26- and 28-inch wheels. While the Oasis Cris Style spinner suits five- and six-lug cars and trucks, you can customise it to fit almost any vehicle. Pricing may vary according to retailer but averaged £971 as of October 2010.

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