Ford Cars Built From 1942 to 1945

Updated April 17, 2017

Ford is known for manufacturing vehicles as early as the 1920s. The company's vehicle production was disrupted, however, when the United States went to war in 1941. Ford was told to stop production of civilian vehicles and channel its resources toward supporting the war by manufacturing military vehicles. The only civilian car that had been released was the 1942 Ford Super Deluxe. Concentration had been focused on redesigning already-existing Ford trucks to meet military requirements.


This year saw the release of only the Ford Super Deluxe. This estate car had a V8 engine with a three-speed manual transmission and a solid front axle. It was also equipped with a four-wheel hydraulic braking system. This car was later modified for the military, with the changes made to the chrome trim, which was blackened to camouflage the vehicle. Models that came after this car did not have any chrome on them and were completely black. Production of these vehicles continued until 1945. The production of these vehicles, however, decreased during this period.


1943 was a dark year for Ford, which saw the death of its president, Edsel Ford, His son, Henry Ford II, took over with the support of the United States government, as the company was contributing much to the war effort. This year saw the production of heavy-armoured trucks that were being used for the war. Sedan delivery vehicles, Ford military jeeps, Ford cargo trucks and Ford military trucks were some of the vehicles produced this time. Some of these models were the 1943 Ford T16 Military Vehicle and the 1943 Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep Military Vehicle.


Manufacturing had not yet resumed for civilian cars and concentration was still focused on military vehicles. Production of civilian cars had resumed by the end of the year, but this was to be for civilian heavy-duty trucks only. These trucks were just the remake of those that had been produced in the previous year. These vehicles were only to be sold to people who intended to use them to support the war.


July 1945 saw the resumption of car manufacturing by Ford. The model that was manufactured was a modified 1942 Deluxe. This car had a new weighted grill, with bars running horizontal to the car. Unlike the previous one, it used a 239-cubic-inch engine, which was used only in trucks before; it was capable of a 100 horsepower. The car was also made as a drop-top coupe.

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