Fun things to do for an 18th birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

The 18th year is the threshold that marks adulthood, and with this eventful day comes freedom to a lot of things that before just seemed like wishful thinking. While you can explore the new possibilities that this day opens up for you, you can also decide on celebrating by staying close to your friends and family.


There are a majority of clubs that only require you to be 18 years old in order to enter, so celebrate this coming of age birthday by going out with friends. Grab a bite to eat, dance the night away and have a fun time celebrating at the club. Make sure to bring a camera to document your fight night of clubbing. Also, make sure that all your friends are 18 years or older so that all will be able to enter the club.

Hit the Road

If you have always dreamed of visiting a certain place, then your 18th birthday could be just the time to turn that dream into reality. With this event comes a lot of freedom, so celebrate in a symbolic way by hitting the road and seeing the places that you have always wanted to see. Come up with a plan in advance, and get a group of friends or family members on board to take the trip with you. Travelling by car, plane or train are all fun options.

Karaoke Party

Book a restaurant or dining hall and have a party with some food, friends, family and music to usher in your 18th birthday. If funds are tight, you can always invite guests over to your house for the party instead. Other than the usual eating and dancing, renting a karaoke machine would be an exciting addition to your 18th birthday party. Form a rock band, sing your favourite songs or be your favourite rock star for the day. At home or at a restaurant, you can always set a theme for the big event, as well.

Dreams Become Reality

If your dream has always been to become an actor, enrol in an acting class to celebrate your 18th birthday. If your most secret desire has been to play the guitar, ask for one for your birthday and learn how to play. For the more adventurous types, scuba diving, surfing or kayaking lessons add excitement to your big day. Whatever you've dreamed of doing, make it your reality on your 18th birthday.

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