Volvo Fl7 Truck Specifications

Updated April 17, 2017

Most people associate Volvo with cars and SUVs. Surprisingly to some, they also happen to manufacture a line of heavy-duty trucks that was introduced in 1985. If you are in the market to buy a heavy-duty truck, you may want to consider purchasing the Volvo Fl7 heavy-duty truck.


The Volvo Fl7 heavy-duty truck comes with a 318-BHP 10-liter engine. BHP stands for boiler horsepower. According to Volvo, the driveline components of the Fl7 allow its use during heavy-duty distribution, construction site operation and regional transport.


The Volvo Fl7 heavy-duty truck also comes with several chassis options. The truck has the ability to incorporate itself into two-, three- and four-axle vehicles that use full-air-suspension axles allowing for extra cushioning and fast load exchanges between carriers.

Advanced Cabin Design

According to Volvo, the Fl7 heavy-duty truck, compared to its competitors, features several ergonomic upgrades, including sound insulation, cab suspension, and a modified dashboard that is designed to place the dashboard instruments and handles in easy sight of the driver and within easy reach.

Multi-Purpose Options

The Volvo Fl7 also features several cab options that can make the truck multipurpose. These include a short day cab, which allows for maximum payload and load area, a sleeper cab that has a single bunk, and a crew cab that is often used by community vehicles such as fire trucks.

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