Easter Gifts for Diabetics

Updated February 21, 2017

Easter generally involves giving baskets filled with candied eggs, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans--treats that are not safe for diabetics to eat. Yet there are alternative giving ideas for this Christian holiday that can make the day special day for diabetics.

Sugar-Free Candies

A number of food vendors and candy shops sell sugar-free candy. You can usually find sugar-free chocolate, jelly beans and hard candies made with artificial and natural sweeteners that look like sugar-based candies. An Easter basket filled with diabetic foods and candies is a good option when you do not want your diabetic child to feel left out of traditional Easter festivities.

Natural Foods

Not everyone likes the taste of sugar-free candies, and in many cases these treats contain the same amount of high calories as sugar-based candy. In this case, prepare a basket with fresh fruits, cheeses and nuts. Fill the basket with tropical fruits, such as papayas, mangoes, bananas and a pineapple--fruits that you may not usually buy, so the basket is a special treat. Include Hawaiian macadamia nuts to continue the tropical theme. Finish off the basket with goat cheese or another speciality cheese your loved one enjoys.

Personal Hygiene Items

You do not need to fill a basket with candy or food items. A basket containing personal hygiene items can make an ideal Easter gift, especially for a preteen or teenage girl. Fill her basket with lotions, shower gels, soaps, nail polishes and make-up items. Include a gift card for her favourite beauty supply store.

Trinkets and Activities

For young diabetic children, substitute trinkets and activities for Easter candy. Fill a basket with a stuffed bunny. Include colouring books and activity books with an Easter theme. Place crayons and markers inside. Include a skipping rope, bubbles, a football or sidewalk chalk--outside activities to keep them entertained all day.

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