Types of Fruit Trees in the Northeast

Updated November 21, 2016

While the Northeastern climate can be tricky for some plants, it is perfect for many different kinds of fruit trees. To be sure that your fruit trees can handle the harsh winters of the Northeast, plant your trees in the spring, after the last frost. That way, the trees can get plenty of warm sunshine throughout the spring and summer while they are in their young, immature stages.


Apple trees are one of the most well-known Northeastern fruit tree options. Many different types of apple trees thrive in the region, such as Gala, Empire, Freedom, Liberty, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious. The trees can reach up to 30 feet tall, depending on the variety. Most types of apple trees flower during the summer and produce their fruits in the late summer and through the fall.


Cherry trees are another popular type of fruit that grows well in the Northeast. Both sweet and sour cherries thrive in the region. Consider Stella, Hartland and Empire Francis if you are looking for sweet cherry varieties. If you prefer sour cherries, plant Balaton or Montmorency. Cherry trees produce beautiful blossoms in the spring time and then follow the flowers with cherries that become ripe in the summer. Cherry trees can grow anywhere from 6 to 30 feet tall.


If you enjoy the crisp crunch of a ripe pear, choose pear trees for your Northeastern garden. The pear varieties Bosc, Bartlett or Gorham thrive in the region. Pears produce white flowers in the spring. Ripe pears are ready to be harvested in the summer time. Pear trees thrive in moist, well-drained soil and lots of sunlight. These trees typically grow between 12 and 20 feet tall.


Peaches are popular summer fruits that are prized because they work well in desserts, salads, marinades and as a snack. Peaches with both yellow and white flesh thrive in the region. If you prefer yellow peaches, go with Harrow Diamond, Brighton or Canadian Harmony peaches. When white-fleshed peaches are your preference, plant Surecrop, Raritan Rose or Eden varieties. Peach trees grow best in moist, well-drained soil and full sun. Depending on the variety you choose, peach trees can grow between 10 and 25 feet tall.


Apricot trees are also commonly found in the Northeastern region. These trees prefer lots of sunlight, so choose a variety that bloom in the spring and produce their fruits in the summer time, well before the cool temperatures of autumn. Appropriate apricot varieties for the Northeast include Harcot, Harogem, Harlayne and Goldcot. Apricot trees generally grow between 6 and 30 feet tall.

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