Sony SS-MSP2 Specifications

Written by dan harkins | 13/05/2017
Sony SS-MSP2 Specifications
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Sony's SS-MSP2 speakers are sold individually for home theatre enhancement as front and surround sound boosters, but they also come standard in several of the company's entertainment systems. Usually sold in tandem with Sony's SS-CNP2 horizontally-oriented speaker, the vertically-oriented MSP2 can form a solid front and rear framework for hours of couch potato pleasure.

The SS-MSP2 speakers are mid-sized, as surround sound speakers go--(W/H/D) 81-by-141-by-121 mm at 1 pound 369gr--about half the size of the SS-CNP2. They have a rate impedance of 8 ohms.

The full-range MSP2 units are magnetically shielded with 70 and 100mm cones.

The maximum power input is 100 watts, and the sensitivity level is 85 decibels.

Frequencies and Noise

The SS-MSP2 can handle sounds in a wide frequency range--160 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Its enclosure is made for maximum bass reflex to minimise rattle.

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