The Specifications for a Fostex SPA11 Powered Monitor

Updated April 17, 2017

Fostex's SPA 11 powered speaker system uses two 10cm heavy-duty full-range units and a large output amplifier to provide up to 120 degrees of sound. The unit has two different input lines as well as an auxiliary output line. The SPA 11 is intended to function as a high-quality sound reinforcing system.


The SPA 11 features two input lines and one output line. The unit allows for a master volume adjustment, but it does not allow individual volume adjustment for the two input lines. Multiple units can be connected in parallel by connecting the line-out of one unit to the line-in of the next. All three jacks are 1/4-inch phone jacks.


The SPA 11's two 10cm cone-type full-range woofers are capable of reproducing sounds between 60 and 18,000 Hz. The maximum output pressure level is 112 dB/-20dbm. The speakers have a horizontal service area of 60 degrees and a vertical service area of 120 degrees.


The SPA 11 runs on either a 120V or 240V alternating current input line, drawing approximately 90 watts. Each unit has an additional 120V AC output line. This allows speakers wired in parallel to draw on power from the previous speaker in the line.


The speakers are 350mm wide by 180mm tall by 211mm deep. They can be stacked in a horizontal or vertical orientation with the proper joining hardware. The Fostex P64 kit is used for horizontal stacking and the Fostex P63 kit is used for vertical stacking.

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