Climbing plants for shaded areas

Updated October 06, 2017

Finding plants that thrive in shady conditions can be a challenge. Most vegetation thrives in sun or, at best, partial shade. But you can actually choose among a number of vines that flourish in shady spots. Vines can grow around arbors, fences and trellises, and climb up walls, adding unique textures and colour to your property

English Ivy

English ivy is fast-growing and highly adaptable, tolerating a wide range of soils. It grows well in full or partial shade, and is evergreen, keeping its waxy green leaves all year. It typically grows to about 20 feet in length, but it can climb as high as 40 feet if it has something sturdy to which it can cling. It grows small blue-black berries in late winter that attract various birds.

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing hydrangea vines are highly adaptable, able to survive in most parts of the United States in conditions that range from full sun to full shade. The vine is perennial and deciduous, shedding its leaves every fall to expose reddish, shredding bark that adds an interesting aspect to the winter landscape. Climbing hydrangea produces white flowers in clusters in June. It grows well on rock and brick walls, but can climb up virtually any surface.

Trumpet Vines

Trumpet vine is another perennial; it blooms for several months during summer. Its bright orange and red flowers are exceptionally attractive to hummingbirds, earning the plant its nickname, "hummingbird vine." Though it grows best in partial shade, it also grows in more fully shaded areas. Aggressive and fast-growing, trumpet vine can climb 25 to 40 feet, but needs extra support to climb high walls, because its foliage is shrubby and becomes quite heavy.

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