How to Propagate a Mexican Orange Blossom Bush

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It is important to know how to propagate a Mexican Orange Blossom bush correctly, so that the new plants will survive. Propagation is done by taking cuttings from an already established plant and creating ideal conditions for rooting and development. By doing it right you can propagate as many Mexican Orange Blossom bushes as you want, with a fairly good success rate.

Cut 3-to-4 inches off the tips of soft new growth stems of an established Mexican Orange Blossom Bush.

Dip the end of the cutting 1-inch into a rooting hormone.

Plant the cutting one-and-a-half inches deep into potting mix.

Firm the soil around the cutting and water it gently.

Allow the cutting to form roots over 4-to-6 weeks. Make sure the soil stays moist by watering frequently.

Harden off the new plants by placing them in normal weather until winter, and protect the new plants in the winter by placing them inside.

Plant the new bushes outside in the spring.

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