Good Ceremonial Speech Topics

Written by jennifer vanbaren | 13/05/2017
Good Ceremonial Speech Topics
A maid of honour gives a ceremonial speech as a wedding toast. (Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images)

If you are asked to give a ceremonial speech, selecting the right topic may be a difficult battle. Ceremonial speeches are given for many different purposes but are generally emotional speeches that celebrate a certain event or person. People give ceremonial speeches at weddings, to introduce speakers, at retirement dinners and when individuals are receiving awards.

Wedding Topics

If you are the best man or maid of honour, you may be asked to give a ceremonial speech at the wedding reception. Many times these members of the bridal party give short speeches as wedding toasts. One good topic for this event is to simply tell a story. When asked to do this speech, spend some time thinking and reflecting about the couple and think of a good story to tell about them. It may be a humorous story or it may be sincere. Many times this type of ceremonial speech begins humorous and turns into a more sincere ending.

Introduction Speeches

To introduce an important speaker at a function, a person normally gives a short ceremonial speech prior to calling the speaker up on stage. If you give this type of ceremonial speech, research the person. Find out a significant accomplishment or two that she has achieved and discuss this in the speech. You can also discuss the benefits the community or a group of people have received from the work this person has accomplished throughout her life.


Many times at funerals, eulogies are read by close friends or family members of the deceased. A eulogy is considered a ceremonial speech and is generally very thought provoking and sincere. Describe the person's life and the impact the person had on you and others. Include a story or two that describes the person's character. A eulogy is also a good time to request the audience to think about a certain topic and make a change in their life about the issue.


If you are presenting an award to a person, prepare a ceremonial speech to honour that person. Prior to calling the person on stage, create a short speech to recognise the person's achievements. Include details about why this person deserves the award, her achievements and details regarding what sets her apart from others.

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