Bathing suits that cover your neck & back

Updated February 16, 2017

If you have scars on your body or need to wear modest swimwear for religious reasons, you'll need figure-flattering suits that cover your body without exposing your neck and back. While swimwear styles and options vary from season to season, you can choose detailed one-piece suits and swimwear with tank-top styles to conceal your neck and back beautifully.

Hooded Swimming Costumes

While hooded swimming costumes are a nod to old MGM movies featuring Esther Williams and her phenomenal swimming skills, you can capture Hollywood glamour--and cover your neck and back with a hooded swimming costume. A black one-piece swimsuit is instantly slimming, if it has a high Lycra content and flatters your body type. The best hooded swimming costume, however, will be low cut on the leg to hug your hips. The deep-V neck style found in hooded swimming costumes also helps to create cleavage for women with small busts.

Tankini Swimsuit

If you are bigger on the bottom than on the top, a tankini lengthens you while balancing wide hips and covering your back. A tankini is a modern take on the bikini, with a tank style top that covers the upper and lower part of the back. Choose a tank top with a bold colour like orange or purple to draw the eye up to the collarbone. A tankini with thick straps and side detailing also slims apple-shaped and curvy figures.

One-Piece Swim Dress

A swim dress with boning and padding in the top gives maximum upper-body support. The dress portion of the suit gives the illusion of an hourglass shape while masking wide hips or flabby legs and thighs. If you are pear-shaped, choose swimsuits with colour blocking that puts the lighter colour on the top and the darker colour below. To ensure that you cover your back completely, choose a swim dress with a high back and straps you can tighten.

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