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Updated April 17, 2017

Lipotrim is a strict diet that has its roots in the United Kingdom. According to the Weight Loss Reviews website, scientists developed it in 2000. The system relies on your affiliation with a pharmacist who participates in this meal replacement program. It is his job to supply you with the foods and pills you need to keep going on the diet. Once you've reached your target weight, he will help you transition to regular food again.

Diet Restrictions

Your main meal will be the special shake, chicken soup or flapjacks. According to the Limpotrim Prestwich website, you may also have tea and coffee. Herbal teas are acceptable, too, as long as they are of the pure leaf extract variety. Two examples of permissible teas include peppermint and green tea. In addition, on day one, you may have healthy meats, such as fish and chicken. You may also enjoy baked potatoes for one meal by day three, and some salad and green vegetables. If you choose salad, you must have balsamic or regular vinegar dressings, if any. You must refrain from bread, grains or pasta until the fourth day of the diet. On day four, you may also resume eating fruit, especially if you have issues with blood sugar and insulin.

According to the Weight Loss Reviews website, you may make the Lipotrim shake as a vanilla shake or a chocolate mousse drink. A warning about the flapjacks, however: They contain peanuts, and if you have allergies to peanuts, you may wish to avoid flapjacks altogether.

Drink Water

Drink at least 2,839 to 3,785ml of water a day, which is about three to five litres. As the Lipotrim Prestwich site points out, you should break this down into small servings throughout the day. You may increase your water intake if you feel hungry. However, the website suggests that you do not exceed 4536gr, which is about five litres, in any 24-hour period.


You may exercise during this diet. However, remember to increase your water intake if you do so. You will need strength as your body will most likely go into ketosis during this process.

Weight Loss Expectations

As the Physical Health Guide points out, you can expect to lose 1.36 to 2.27 Kilogram a week if you are a man and approximately 0.907 to 1.81 Kilogram if you are a woman. This will vary depending on your dedication to the program.

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