Gift ideas for 7-year-old boys

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to be a successful gift giver to a 7-year-old boy, you need to know what this age group is all about. Peers easily influence boys this age, who also see marketing from television, the Internet and movies. Although their wish list might a mile long and including toys their friends have or they've seen on commercials, consider giving more educational and action-oriented gifts they will be excited about as well.

Hands-on Toys

Hands-on, rugged toys may be at the top of the list for 7-year-old boys who like to use their hands and create their own world, require lots of imagination and use physical activity. Some of these include Lego theme sets such as Star Wars, Ben 10 and Space Police. Just about anything made by Nerf allows boys to run and play. Consider the Clear Special Edition Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6, released in 2010. Boys most likely will love playing with cars. Hot Wheels Colors Shifters and Battle Force 5 are two hot toys in 2010.

Lessons and Activities

Purchase lessons if you know where the boy's interest lies, providing an enriching experience and helping parents with the cost. Martial arts such as aikido or karate are an option for 7-year-old boys; most dojos or training facilities will not teach children until they are around this age, so it's a perfect time for them to try it. Or pay for a different sports activity, such as soccer, swimming, hockey or baseball. If the boy likes music, purchase an instrument or pay for lessons; if you want to be generous, do both. Guitars, drums and keyboards provide easy ways to introduce children to music.

Educational Toys

Educational toys help teach children without them even knowing it because they are having so much fun. Science kits let boys mix solutions or potions together to create things like slime or bubbling coloured water. Boys who enjoy exploring nature and being outside provide lots of options for gifts, such as binoculars and outdoor bug kits. Drawing and art sets with paints, pencils and drawing pad can keep young artists at this age focused.

Family time

Outdoor toys like remote-controlled motorcycles, tee-ball sets and kites encourage young boys to want to run outside and try them with parents and siblings, giving him quality family time as well as a gift. Encourage family time buy giving board games, draughts or chess, which are considered brain games because children learn about strategy and use memory and focus to play. Provide a gift the whole family can enjoy by giving a 7-year-old boy tickets to an event such as a movie appropriate for children or a theatre troupe's production.

Electronic Toys

Electronic toys are an obvious choice, but boys love electronic games. Children who enjoy playing Wii games will like MarioKart and Lego Star Wars, which are simple enough for 7-year-olds to play but challenging enough to make it fun. Nintendo DSi lets boys play video games almost anywhere, and the games for their age group include Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart DS.

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