Girls' Birthday Ideas for Age 15

Updated March 23, 2017

Teen birthdays are a fun and exciting time for kids who enjoy new privileges with every year as they move closer to becoming an adult. For the soon-to-be 15-year-old girl, a birthday celebration should be carefully planned to honour the girl she is and the woman she is becoming.

Hotel Sleepover

Teen girls love sleepovers, but a 15-year-old girl may want a more adult feel to her celebration. Instead of having the birthday girl and her friends sleep in her home, rent a hotel room for a night. The teens will love the feeling of independence and excitement that will come with a hotel room of their own. Provide the revellers with plenty of snacks, drinks, movies, and games. For dinner, either take the girls out to a restaurant or order pizza to be delivered to the hotel. Parents should rent an adjoining room for safety purposes.

Amusement Park

Have the birthday girl round up a few of her close friends and take them to an amusement park or waterpark for the day. Get there early to beat the crowds and make sure every girl has money for souvenirs and food. Some parks have special birthday party pavilions; check beforehand to reserve space. For extra fun, pick an amusement park that offers a special VIP pass that allow the holder to go to the front of the line. These can be pricey, but the birthday girl and her friends will love avoiding the lines and going straight to the front at every ride.

Concert Tickets

Buy some tickets to a concert given by one of the birthday girl's favourite performers at an area venue. Avoid school-night events to maximise the late-night fun. As a bonus, let the girls have a little VIP treatment by having them picked up and taken to the concert in a limousine.

Party Boat Trip

If the birthday girl lives near the coast, and it's not too cold, organise a party boat trip for her and some of her friends. Some party boat operators go out every day, others with reservations only, so do some research before booking. Tell the girls to grab their swimsuits and sunscreen and enjoy a day on the water. Often for a flat fee, party boat companies provide snacks, drinks, water sports, and on-board entertainment for several hours.

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