Gifts for 18-year-old boys

Written by carolyn barton | 13/05/2017
Gifts for 18-year-old boys
Eighteen-year-olds are entering true adulthood. (teenage boy upper half in sunglasses image by Kathy Burns from

An 18-year-old boy is at an exciting time in his life, just entering adulthood and most likely graduating high school and moving forwards with his life. Finding a suitable gift is often difficult because his interests and needs are changing at a rapid pace during this time of his life.


Gifts for 18-year-old boys
Most boys love electronic items. (modern electronic desktop image by Yali Shi from

Boys of all ages are interested in electronic items, and that does not stop when they reach adulthood. A digital camera is a good option to give, maybe combined with a photo-editing software. A navigation system will be appreciated if the boy in question has a vehicle. If he does not already have the current highly demanded cell phone, consider this as a gift as well. Computer accessories are popular, such as gaming headphones if the boy is into games or a wireless keyboard and mouse combination. Webcams are inexpensive and will be appreciated if he does not already have one. A cooling pad is inexpensive if he owns a laptop.


Gifts for 18-year-old boys
An expanded wardrobe is always nice. (Set of clothes. image by Saskia Massink from

Image is important at this age, and wearing the right clothing is important to his image. If you know his preferred clothing brands and sizes, you can buy clothes for him. If not, stick to gift tokens or cash so he is able to choose what he likes on his own. If you do buy the clothing yourself, make sure to keep the receipts in case he does not like it or it doesn't fit. The clothes will help his image as he moves on to college as well. The right clothes will not help, though, if personal grooming is not taken care of, so if you are looking for a less expensive option, consider a razor, aftershave and cologne.

Car Accessories

Gifts for 18-year-old boys
Cars are a passion for many males. (car image by Brett Bouwer from

Boys are fanatical about their cars, so items to enhance them make fitting gifts. Seat covers, steering wheel covers and bumper stickers are not expensive and are easily found. Fill a bucket with car maintenance supplies, such as sponges, tire cleaner and wax. If he is restoring his vehicle, tools or gift tokens to parts stores will be welcome. Consider paying a month or two of the insurance premium to help alleviate transportation costs. Gas cards will also be appreciated.

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