Gifts for a Geography Teacher

Updated March 23, 2017

Thank your geography teacher for teaching you about the landscape of the world in which you live by presenting him with a thoughtful present. By selecting a gift with a geography theme, you can likely delight this educator, who in all probability has an affinity for the subject that he teaches. From inexpensive and simple to pricey and elaborate, there is a wide array of gifts from which you can select to fit this gifting need.

Globe Desk Decoration

Give your teacher a decidedly geography-themed decoration to grace her desk. Select a small decorative globe to present to the teacher. Avoid selecting a globe that is too sizeable, as a large globe may be too cumbersome to sit atop her desk, and opt instead for a petite orb that will convey her love of geography without overwhelming her desk space.

Framed Map Print

Provide your teacher with an aesthetically pleasing print to place in his classroom or home. Select a framed print of a contemporary or historical map to give to your teacher. To make the gift even more meaningful, select a map of a region that you recently covered in class, demonstrating not only that you care, but also that you were listening to his lessons.

Geography Themed Stickers

Many teachers delight in placing stickers atop student papers as a small reward. Give your teacher stickers to use for this purpose by giving her geography-themed stickers. Look for stickers with globes or continents on them to make the rewards more directly relevant to geography class.

Globe Stress Ball

Teaching can be a taxing job. Present your geography teacher with a stress ball to use in relieving his student-induced frustrations. Select a ball made to look like a globe. As your teacher moves through class or sits down with piles of papers to grade, he can squeeze this ball and relieve his work-related stresses.

Map Print Coffee Mug

For many teachers, a cup of coffee is a workday staple. Give your geography teacher a mug that has a geography theme to use for her morning cup of joe. Select a coffee cup with a map print wrapped around the exterior or a travel cup printed with a current or historical map. Not only is this gift clearly tied to the subject of geography, it is also a practical object that your teacher can put to good use.

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