Wire Bending Tools

Written by andrea julian | 13/05/2017
Wire Bending Tools
Needle nosed pliers can be used by artisans to create wire jewellery. (pliers image by Jakub Cejpek from Fotolia.com)

Using wire to make jewellery goes back to biblical times and is still practised today. Wire can be bent into any number of useful and beautiful shapes and designs, and there are many tools that can be used to make wire bending a quick and easy task.

Wire Bending Jig

Primarily used in jewellery making, a wire bending jig is a plate or open frame that can be bolted to any surface, typically a workbench. A series of grooves, holes and pegs allows the user to easily bend wire into a number of shapes, including swirls, squares and circles. By placing the pegs in various holes, you can establish different patterns for your wire. Wire bending jigs can be purchased online and in hobby stores that sell jewellery making supplies.


Pliers can be used solely for wire bending, but some also come with a wire cutting feature. The kind of pliers you need depends on the job you are doing. They can be used to bend wire during electrical work, jewellery making or for creating a speciality tool. Some pliers have noses with grooves that help you to hold tight to the wire while bending it. Jewellery making pliers, however, usually have smooth noses to handle the delicate jewellery wire.


Making fishing lures out of wire is made easier with a special wire bending tool. The TwisTech is a special wire former made especially for creating fishing tackle. It can be used to create spinners, spinner-bait forms, bottom-walkers and other wire-based tackle items. The TwisTech allows you to create items out of stainless steel wire up to .037 inches in diameter.

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