How to Clean a Chinese Cloisonne

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Cloisonné is an effect created by welding metal wires to a surface and then filling the spaces between the wires with enamel. The result is an intricate, colourful surface that is used to adorn vases, small boxes, and jewellery. Chinese cloisonné is delicate and must be cleaned with care to prevent the enamel from becoming scratched or damaged.

Inspect the Chinese cloisonné. If you notice chips or damage to the wire around the enamel, do not clean it yourself, but take it to a professional jewellery maker or antique restorer to have the piece repaired.

Dampen a silver-cleaning cloth, or any other lint-free cloth, very slightly with water.

Wipe the cloisonné with the damp cloth to remove dust and grime.

Dry the cloisonné thoroughly with another silver-cleaning cloth.

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