Curtain Ideas for Eyebrow Windows

Updated November 21, 2016

Windows with round tops, called eyebrow or half moon windows, add architectural interest to home and building designs but pose a challenge to cover. Window treatments for these shapes vary from ignoring them to custom tailoring curtains to follow their curves. When using curtains that follow the natural arch of the eyebrow, get them extra long so you can cut them straight after they are hung. Use precurved curtain rods for easy hanging.

Conceal the Arch

An easy way to handle eyebrow windows is to downplay the arch. Install a straight rod over the top of the window, and hang two curtains. Pull them to each side with cords at the bottom of the arch. The distinctive curved top can be seen through the curtains, but this window treatment will defuse the drama of the arched eyebrow.

Treat the eyebrow separately. Install honeycomb shades or wooden shutters over the arch. These can be closed to provide privacy and shade or opened for bright light and warmth. Hang Roman shades or drapes under them just as you would for a traditionally shaped window.

Leave the Arch Open

Highlight your eyebrow window by starting your curtains below the arch. Install a curtain rod parallel to a crossbar on the window panes. Hang two curtain panels on the rod, and push them back or close them as needed. The open glass of the arch will let in sunshine and light to warm and brighten a dark room.

Enhance the Arch

Attach a bendable (or curved) curtain rod to the arch, and drape sheer curtains from it in 2- foot scallops. Add a touch of colour by tying scarves of fabric in colours complimentary to your room where the scallops attach to the rod. Use drapery pins for this, and leave the rest of the window bare.

For a very dramatic eyebrow, fan wooden shutters in a sunburst pattern around a centre point at the bottom of the arch. Install shutters on the rest of the window.

Hang Cafe Style Curtains

The simplest treatment for eyebrow windows is to hang a cafe curtain from a curved rod inside the arch. Let the two fabric panels fall straight down, and gently drape them to each side at the bottom of the window. Sheer fabric in colours complementary to your decor works well with this treatment, allowing the distinctive arch to show while giving privacy to those inside. You can also run the rod around the outside of the arch, which works especially well with deep windows. Use drapes of heavier material inside the arch for a dramatic window treatment with the eyebrow providing a natural valance.

Install Custom Cloth Shades

Custom cloth shades that follow the shape of the arch and pull down to cover the window allow you to shut out the light for rest or open the window to the sun. They show off your eyebrow windows and give you your choice of outdoor view or privacy.

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